Fiery exuberance - the Bonfire Tree (Firmiana colorata) in bloom

Dense yellow stamens surroundeed by pure white petals - flowers of Alexandrian Laurel (Calophyllum inophyllum)

The downward-hanging large fleshy flower of the Elephant Apple (Dillenia indica)

The inner core of the Elephant Apple (Dillenia indica) after the petals are shed

The Nagkesar (Mesua ferrea) with its symmetrical canopy and iron-red young leaves

Allurement in white and yellow - the Nagkesar (Mesua ferrea) flower

Bifurcated pods of Pandhra Kuda (Wrightia tinctoria)

Exquisite fragrant flowers of Pandhra Kuda (Wrightia tinctoria)

The Queen's Flower (Lagerstroemia speciosa)

Maharashtra's state flower - The Queen's Flower (Lagerstroemia speciosa)

Rani Bagh's sole Krishna's Buttercup is one of its star attractions (Ficus bengalensis var. krishnae)

The unique cup-shaped leaves of Krishna's buttercup (Ficus bengalensis var. krishnae)

The Sacred Barna (Crataeva tapia)

Sacred Barna (Crataeva tapia) with lilac stamens

The beauty of the Sita Ashok (Saraca arborescens) flower is enhanced by its long stamens

The Ghost Tree (Sterculia urens) in its bare eerie form that gives it its name

A giant Vavla (Holoptelea integrifolia) with a massive spreading crown

The flower of the Yellow Silk Cotton (Cochlospermum religiosum)

An ethereal composition in pink and white - Karanj (Pongamia pinnata) flowers

The ground-conquering aerial roots of Rani Bagh's celebrated Banyan (Ficus bengalensis)

The water-loving Tivar (Barringtonia acutangula) arches enticingly over a pond

Fragrant radiance - the sriking yellow Sonchampa (Michelia champaca) bloom

The distinctive Shivan (Gmelina arborea) bark

Rani Bagh's massive Sundari tree (Heritiera littoralis)

Uncompromisingly statuesque - Buddha's Coconut (Pterygota alata)

The Kusum (Schleichera oleosa) also known as Lac Tree

The stately Arjun (Terminalia ovata) with its characteristic pale bark

The Hirda (Terminalia chebula) renowned for its traditional medicinal use

All photographs on this page by Shubhada Nikharge

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